Welcome to the Ottawa Condo Guide Calculators section - we hope that the calculators will help you along your way to buying your Ottawa Condominium. Remember, these calculators are for illustrational purposes only, and it is our recommendation, that you should not buy real estate without speaking with your banker or mortgage broker, and your realtor® prior to purchasing. If you require assistance in getting started, we can help. Get started here.

Suggested steps:

  1. Start with the Maxmium Mortgage Calculator, to determine how much you may be able to afford.
  2. Find a property you like, and run the numbers through the mortgage analyser calculator to find out how much the monthly payments would be.
  3. Use our rent vs. buy calculator to find out if you're better off renting or buying a property.
  4. Use the mortgage prepayment calculator to find out how lump sum payments and increased mortgage payments will effect the time it takes back to pay down your loan.
  5. Fill out our buyers form to get started and find the condo that is right for you.