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Westbrook's first signature shoe Jordan Westbrook 0 to out and out leisure style in appearance, slightly disappointed at the same time, it is not difficult to understand Jordan Brand and Westbrook design concept. for the first time in New York fashion week; Westbrook 0, perhaps, is the way to express its sense of fashion and fashion the NBA finals in the first two games, Jordan Brand's spokesman Mike Beebe wearing Air Jordan 2011 - Air Jordan Q-Flight continuation shoes, Air Jordan 2011 Q-Flight Air Jordan 2011 continuation of the design concept, but in the end the modular shoes prices for most consumers to better experience Jordan Brand this year the bottom of the "Be Quick" series. The Air Jordan 2011 Q-Flight upper is made of lightweight leather material and the first Hyperfuse technology used in Jordan shoes, with dynamic inner boots and new shoelace systems providing excellent wrapping and comfort. Sphere technology and the bottom lines of tongue is Air Jordan 2011. In the bottom of the configuration, Air Jordan 2011 Q-Flight 8mm Zoom Air with the palm, palm 14mm Zoom Air full palm Phylon midsole collocation is more in line with the "at the end of the modular concept of the Quick series. not long ago, NIKE just released a whole new set of football equipment in Europe, and in the face of the upcoming World Cup, the follow-up publicity campaign is also in full swing. Recently, the release of Nike Sportswear to Nike, Mercurial, Superfly and Nike Magista jordan shoes online sale as inspiration to create a whole new range of products. Here to bring you Magista "ghost card" series of men's products, including Nike, Free, Flyknit, Chukka, Nike, Tiempo,'94, Nike, Roshe, Run, HYP, Nike, Air, Max, 90, Jacquard, and Nike Air Max 1. Unlike "assassins", similar designs differ in style.Italy luxury brand Prada ( Prada ) introduction:Prada ( Prada ) is the most famous luxury brand in Italy, every year 2 season Milan international fashion week 's most anticipated is Prada ( Prada ) show. Prada ( Prada ) swept the world, Japan, Taiwan and other places are crazy, the people in the back ( Prada ) Prada nylon bag. But few people know, prada ( Prada ) history begins in 1913, and started to manufacture high-grade leather products.Prada Mens ( Prada ) characteristics, is the design of classical brief and does not lose the younger, like suits Italy Napoli other 60's, because the designer Miuccia Prada ( Miuccia PRADA ) used in the sense of modern material with retractility, ancient endue with new ideas, to create a unique style of popular.Prada ( Prada ) attaches great importance to product quality, prada ( Prada ) of all fashion accessories are made in factories in Italy the highest level, which is why wear Prada ( Prada ) products will feel comfortable. Despite the emphasis on brand style of young, but the quality and durable level remains the same, with particular attention to the complete after sale service, which is also in advanced leather products started PR Cheap air jordans for sale ADA, still pay attention to tradition.Prada ( Prada ) is said to be a time-honored brand, but it produced the pursuit of perfection, so both young and old, prada ( Prada ) on the perception of the brand is no less than any other brand. Back Prada (Prada ) brand history, we must talk about the beginning of twentieth Century ... ...The Italian emphasis on family values, the fashion industry is no exception, prada ( Prada ) is one of the representatives. Prada ( Prada ) was founded in early twentieth Century, because of commercial trade and transport business was active for frequent, founder Mario Prada started making a series of travel manual leather products, and opened a boutique in 1913. In 70, fashion, environmental change, prada ( Prada ) almost on the verge of collapse, the 1978 Miuccia Prada ( Miuccia PRADA ) and her husband Patrizio Bertelli (Prada ), lead over Prada Prada ( Prada ) towards a new milepost.Miuccia Prada ( Miuccia PRADA ) took over the occasion, prada ( Prada ) is still popular in Europe, be handed down from age to age in the family, if there is no innovation and breakthrough, it is easy to decline. Miuccia Prada ( Miuccia PRADA ) in an attempt to find and traditional leather novel material different, after multiple attempts to find use, nylon cloth from the air force parachute material, with light and durable as the foundation, " black nylon bag " fame! Prada ( Prada ) until the 1989 launch of the first winter fashion show, design against the prevai Cheap foamposites for sale ling trend won a lot of praise; in 90, under the banner of " Less is More " slogan of the minimalist emerge as the times require, and Prada simple, with a uniform design aesthetic coincided with the trend of agree without prior without previous consultation. In 1993, prada (Prada ) launched the winter men's and men's shoes series, while its men and women, the pursuit of fashion accessories become simple and modern style of the late 90's best; leisure sports fashion, have a fever, prada ( Prada ) launched the Prada Sport series, the design of both functional and fashionable, caused by a cyclone.Prada ( Prada ) design brilliant performance mainly due to Prada's life and modern style milk mixed with water, not only in the fabric, color and style of work, dual mentality behind its design philosophy of life happened to fit the modern pursuit of immediate practical and popular aesthetic, the machine can achieve perfect balance and aesthetics, but fashion show the trend, is the perfection of modern aesthetics.Prada ( Prada ) brand archives:Author: Mario PradaDesigner: in 1913 Mario Prada ( Mario Prada ); Miuccia Prada began in the 70's ( Miuccia Prada )Brand : PRADA, Miu Miu ( line )Category: clothing, underwear, leather goods, accessoriesDesign style: node than be just perfect combination of elements, fine and coarse, natural and man-made, different materials, texture of the fabric are unified in the natural color, strong artistic temperament.Reference price: a Prada ( Prada ) jordan 3 katrina 2018 suit in 2200 to $6000.[Chinese shoes Network - the consumer market] Shaanxi Wang spent more than 500 yuan in Taobao to buy Nike (stores) sports shoes, to wear two days many open plastic, a closer look, they discovered that many fabric uppers size asymmetry, after activists launched the Taobao seller to produce the invoice and a power of attorney, that the purchase of formal channels. Rights of way can only be so abrupt end? Mr. Wang is not satisfied, posting complaints in Red Net "consumer rights" channel. March 10 this year, Mr. Wang Taobao shop named "Li Ning (stores) sports center shop" to buy a pair of Nike shoes, the 13th received shoes. Found abnormal wear a couple of days: open plastic shoes, leather heel appears on many holes, after careful observation of the upper, they discovered that the vamp stitching, stitched leather material multiple asymmetric, where the inside of the shoe blue white leather LOGO Fabric arc length difference as much as 2 cm. "commitment to buy before the seller is genuine counter, so obvious how wrong shoes? Should I buy a fake?" On the 19th, Mr. Wang Taobao proposed sale rights, requiring refunds. After Taobao customer involvement, the seller provides a stamped Belle commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. official seal of "Nike shoes 537384-130 engraved" invoice, and Belle e-commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. authorized to Tao Bo sports (Shanghai) Nike and other brand products distribution authorization. Nike headquarters customer service perso cheap jordans for sale nnel, said the company authorized network of sales channels are only three: Nike official store, Lynx Nike flagship store and Nike iD customization net, net purchases of authenticity is: whether at Nike stores and authorized Shop purchase. After the phone call to confirm, Belle commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is an authorized distributor of Nike. reporter to Belle commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. confirmation, customer service personnel to verify that there had power of attorney authorized dealers and queries to Mr. Wang's purchase records, confirm that the shoe is Nike authentic shoes. As for the shoe upper leather left foot appeared feed size asymmetry, which customer service staff said it had view to Sign posts and pictures, but first see the realy do deal with, such as users reflect the true, will contact the manufacturer replacement. Currently, Mr. Wang has received a phone call Belle regard, he said it would soon send the shoes to Belle commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News) Nike SB Dunk High picnic is now on sale; picnic season approaching, Nike SkateBoarding timely release of the relevant theme of Dunk High SB shoes. canvas and embroidery; cloth and ants; interesting designs are thus displayed. The number of 305050-610 shoes, some shop shelves. Do you like it? Nike, Air, Diamond, Turf, Total exposure, new colors, shoes made of black leather, paired with gamma blue details, mint cheap foamposites green, outsole and lining embellishment. This shoe is expected to be officially listed on the end of the month, number: 309434-010 price: $120. 2012-2-24 09:30 upload download attachment (191.08 KB) the new design of Nike Air Current shoes combines the classic design of Air Flow, Air Pegasus and Air Presto three shoes. Shoes with a strong comfortable thin nylon material for shoes body material, shoes body is equipped with three shoelaces buckle, and the rest of the high strength of the elastic design to replace. The white foam sole also brings comfort to the wearer. This time only exposed black, blue and black orange two bright colors, is expected to soon introduce more unexpected colors and design. MINI COOPER and Onitsuka Tiger to continue to commemorate the shoes, while 2008 MINI new car R55 listed on the occasion, will be officially published in May MINI silver shoes!! the same car shoes fit appearance, high-profile silver technology, let the 2008 Anglo Japanese Alliance fashion "silver" in the starting point. with details of body design, the classic "intriguing top type spoiler" turned into Mexico 66 "leather ear", "water tank" shield hole pressed into "toe moulding lines", "" carved out "horizontal chrome gate fence type" PU "hole, foaming insole" considerate feet, and the bottom of the ear will be more Mini Cooper shoes special shaped LOGO wings inlaid in the body of the shoe, exquisite interior is equipped with the Mini Cooper extension design concept never careless ! English Japanese Bi "silver" MINI R55 x Onitsuka strategy exquisite ingenuity! download (34.29 KB) download (77.35 KB)Reporters learned yesterday from Shishi, Shishi garment accessories industry to obtain the first United Nations procurement supplier certificate, the annual procurement of at least 20 million yuan. experts, the United Nations procurement is one of the international large-scale group procurement. The United Nations system has a wide range of goods and services purchased each year, up to $about 3000000000. With the complex economic situation at home and abroad and the increasingly serious living environment of the enterprises, the United Nations procurement will open up a huge overseas market for Chinese enterprises. In addition, to become a United Nations procurement supplier, enterprises can enjoy high credit, small risk business contacts, but also a good opportunity for enterprises to promote their own image. at the beginning of this year, the situation was informed that the United Nations procurement, Shishi Baogai town of a garment accessories enterprises to actively expand the application, submit the relevant materials to the United Nations procurement offices in China, "provides 40 kinds of relevant certificates". Subsequently, the United Nations sent a team of experts visited the production scale of enterprises, production process, raw materials, product quality, safety factor, environmental standards, and the company related products to third party market survey rate, popularity and reputation etc.. "For an industry, the United Nations purchases only one or two leading enterprises in one country as its suppliers, so it is very strict." After a strict inspection, finally garment accessories industry's first United Nations procurement suppliers in this enterprise Shishi in early August. at present, only more than 20 enterprises in China have obtained the United Nations procurement supplier certificate. In this vast United Nations procurement market, the products purchased by the United Nations directly from China are less than 1%% of its total amount. Experts said that China's enterprises in the United Nations procurement in the possession of low, not because of product quality, technical level, radiation capacity is not enough, but lost in market development and access to information. Chinese enterprises should actively acquire information, understand the United Nations procurement business, adapt to its operating standards and trade skills, and strive to obtain more shares from the United Nations procurement of this piece of cake. (Editor: admin) according to EU trade officials to "financial (related: financial securities) times" revealed that the European Commission will publish a new trade strategy document in late October, the Sino EU trade in the future to make strategic planning, to finalize the principled position. in recent years, the rise of Chinese Chinese, large numbers of products in the European market, caused the Europeans to "revive Eastern lion" thinking and the argument, its core is Chinese, the rise of "opportunities" or "challenge" for Europe? How should Europe deal with the growing trade between China and Europe? to cater to this trend, Mandelson in May this year launched a "public opinion" people activities, called on the public on new strategic trade with China launched the "great debate", the important view will be written into the forthcoming document. after that, Mandelson in July 7th published a "China EU trade and Investment: challenges, opportunities and choices" speech, that Europe should adapt to the rise of Chinese, but requires Chinese to further open up the market and investment to European companies, the protection of intellectual property rights. In his speech, he put forward a concept of "Chinese Wall" and complained that when European enterprises came into China, they were not facing a "Opendoor", but "Chinesewall"". According to an EU trade official who declined to be named, the speech was in fact scheduled for the upcoming strategic document. : in specific cases, the EU has further signs of toughness against china. In mid September, the European Union to the United States and Canada, the tax rate on imports of auto parts to come to WTO China; in September 29th, the EU formally decided to Thailand from China and plastic bags levy anti-dumping duty for a period of 5 years. (Editor: admin)