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the world's oldest sports brand Nike USA December 20, said the domestic market due to strong sales, the company's second-quarter earnings grow by 15%. But joint challenge rivals Adidas and Reebok make the company less than ideal global order, the share price fell 3%. Nike said the company's second-quarter earnings of $ 301 million, with a surplus of $ 261 million last year increased by 15 percent compared to earnings per share results higher than the average analyst estimate of 11 cents a value . In addition, Nike's second-quarter sales also increased 10 percent over last year, reaching $ 3.5 billion, more than the market analysts predict a $ 3.473 billion. The company said Nike brand business in the United States and the strong growth in sales and profitability of the Americas so that was better than expected earnings results. But this summer, the world's second-largest sports brand Adidas and Reebok brand's third-largest merger, a joint attack, Nike, Nike has added to the pressure is not small. At present, Nike markets in Europe and Japan less than ideal. Although Nike's orders rose by 2.5% over last year, but Adidas home European market declined by 6%. US financial firm Susquehanna Financial Group analyst John? Shanley said Nike companies, the international market has become increasingly important. the advent of the World Cup next year in Germany, to a great deal of confiden jordans on sale online ce in Nike. Nike hopes to promote the company's sales in Europe through the World Cup. But Nike has admitted that due to the strong European tradition of sports brand, the competition will be very intense European market. In addition, the company plans next year in January, Nike launched a new shoes in Japan, to deal with slow growth in the Japanese market. Nike also said it would invest in the Asian market. Nike CEO William? Perez also believes that China is a good market, the second-tier cities in China and hopes to promote the Nike the so-called retro power, retro shoes also has become nowadays a popular street you king, this year to celebrate the 25 birthday of Reebok Ventilator shoes, and the world famous product stores, make only superficial changes appearance, conceal is still retro flavor strong breath; extra Butter x Reebok Venilator 25th Anniversary, a New York pop shop Extra Butter uses the bold color mix of the wonderful Ventilator, there is a brown collocation of details on the red, green, yellow, black and so on, have a heart full of seemingly chaotic fun New York, material on the use of leather shoes and a symbol of retro mesh as a fusion, very appropriate, the shoes earlier in the New York campaign, also got a hot dog cart as modified was sold, is a topic. Taiwan shoe store invincible sale. when the identification of hot line of guest shoes, to support Ma f air jordan 11 space jam for sale ight against fakes!! Download the installation and grab a shoe artifact APP-- immediately when the guest artifact!! WeChat search "dunkhome", open the WeChat service number to the lower right corner can be downloaded and installed!! source: invinciblesports brand Reebok in Hongkong recently to join the well-known shop Empty Canvas launched a new project by the use of Instapump shoes, popularity of Fury is modeled by the upper composite fabric white crafted, heel with Empty Canvas "show joint identity, color collocation concise shoes classic, it is the best choice in summer the collocation. Of course, the most dazzling thing is not the combination of the identity, but its special luminous edge effect, making this simple color becomes different! It is reported that this series of shoes has been purchased at the designated store, and interested friends must not miss it. On the occasion of the finals, the championship rings, color matching, Under, Armour and curry confidence will be able to go up to the sky. on sale in June at the beginning of this pair of shoes have many different nicknames, a toe called "Gold Rings", some say is "Finals", some say is "Champion", meaning the different names are not the same, if it is Finals, then it should be in the finals of the TS Curitiba and if that is Champion, that is the champion version. But more people call it "Gold Rings". this pair of bea Cheap air jordans for sale utiful Curry 2 with golden light to shine in the finals of the occasion, turn inside the shoes tongue, will find a championship ring pattern, which can make people feel confident to be able to defend the Under Armour brand library, began to look carefully you will find the ring pattern on the label is the "2015" words, so there is no "aggressive" meaning, but the championship in 2015 with Curry 2 can not what relationship. in any case this reflects how Under Armour is looking forward to the top of their voice to back-to-back titles ah, if look at this shoe color, is a very normal warriors color, because the Warriors is color white / Blue / gold, only the design and gilded ring elements within the tongue is think of the title color, $130, released in June 4th, curry fans not to be missed.Jordan Brand's unique shoes, in addition to the highly popular air jordan Future, in addition to the much attention of Air Jordan Shine shoes, recently launched a new color design. The design of the continuation of the Air Jordan 1 classic profile, high-quality glossy leather material, through the Jordan Future Woven used a braided vamp technology, color is in white tone, collocation inside nude color embellishment. All the streets of luxury fashion feeling, will inevitably become a berserk. This time, the shoes will be on sale at the designated store on the weekend, and friends who are interested i cheap air jordans n it may wish to pay more attention to it. this time fans discuss the event is to raise a Babel of criticism of, new sports brand Under Armour NBA Kevin Durant superstar (Kevin · Durant) provides a value of 10 $2.65 - $285 million contract price, while the KD Nation brokerage firm Roc Sports has also been waiting for NIKE matches the history of the most expensive shoe endorsement contracts. And recently, according to foreign media and KD personally confirmed, Nike has officially matched the contract, and retain the star of tomorrow. Although signed a high price contract, but last year the sale of KD series signature shoes reached $1.75 billion U. S. dollars in sales, coupled with the current KD rising popularity, the future is unlimited. After so many twists and turns, let us more expect KD shoes will be better and better. Designer TaeYong once again mentioned that Nike was a "running company", "we were created by runners". And these runners now know how to pack themselves. Beijing time in late March 3rd 8, a group of people in front of the Shanghai World Expo and creative show is doing the warm-up, ready to follow the pace of 14 Nike around the Xuhui Binjiang Road 5 km run, they have just received their a pair of Nike LunarEpic shoes Flyknit. LunarEpic a total of 8 kinds of color Nike put the two named "moon epic" shoes release schedule activities in a normal R Retro jordans for sale unning Club line, at the same time, the global 40 city sports enthusiasts, Master, media reporters were invited to attend such a conference. Before starting, Chen Jinyang, the speed guard, shouted at everyone: "these shoes can run 15 miles to 25 miles." Look at the in a nutshell, this is a pair of FLyknit running shoes still uses Flyknit flying wire technology, a piece of vamp, to achieve dynamic support of the sense of fit" in high shoes collar inspired football boots, strengthen the support, on foot feel like wearing socks" midsole: laser cutting technology, as shown in figure outsole: Rubber free, replaced by laser cutting "piston" foam, optimized for slow vibration and grip FLyknit Nike has launched a fly line technology in the market for four years, LunarEpic's chief designer TaeYong Lee's argument is that all parts of this pair of shoes have carried out innovation, so it is not only some partial update". At the presentation, TaeYong explained the design inspiration of LunarEpic with a picture of a street covered with pine needles, he said: "runners sometimes see fallen leaves of pine needles on the road, and they run up and down (because of softness). LunarEpic is a whole innovation, like running on a pine covered road." pavement covered with pine needles chief designer TaeYong Lee you really have to pack your own sports technology for Nike United jordan 3 katrina 2018 Nude, a famous footwear brand in architecture, has joined hands with Lssey Miyake and launched a series of shoes called The Rock and Wrap Shoes. The series of shoes debuted at the Lssey Miyake fashion show in Paris last week at the 2017 spring and summer fashion week. When you wear Lssey Miyake models on T, you can easily be attracted by the shoes on their feet. United Nude Lssey Miyake Speaking of United Nude (UN), which is composed of Rem D Koolhaas and British designer of Holland famous designer Galahad Clark in 2003 and has drawn inspiration from the brand building, combination of architectural mechanics and design aesthetics, which makes UN in footwear design repeatedly break the normal procedure it is simple, elegant, and highly creative, unique the type of shoes by the introduction of the impact of the entire design field. The most striking part of the UN design is its unique heel design. If you see a quirky, unconventional heel shape, most of them come from UN's creativity. It introduces the unique style of architectural design into the design of shoes, and uses a variety of heel design to support the whole pair of shoes, so the unique heel often becomes the best annotation of the UN brand style. and this time, The Rock and Wrap Shoes this series is concise and practical. The shoes of this series are divided into two types of shoes, Rock and Wrap, representing the two characters: tough and soft. the wrap shoe the rock shoe , just like their name, Rock refers to a shoe with a UN heel style and a tough style. It has 7 colors. And Wrap is soft, close to the foot of the comfort of shoes, it has the most classic Lssey Miyake three colors: black, white and silver. The design of Rock also learned from the inspiration of Japanese clogs. Its thick heel is made of wood, but compared to the Japanese UN Rock clogs, heel cutting, making it look more light. Wrap shoes and rough heels of the two styles. The shoes were made of a whole piece of leather, and a non leather elastic part was designed at the opening of the shoe to make the shoes more flexible and easy to wear. 〉in Jordan.html" target=" _blank" 〉 Jordan two before the brand behind Mike Bibby and Joe Johnson will defend to join the Atlanta Hawks have mediocrity, lackluster, this more than 10 year long and dark days recently re emerges in the world before, and also with Jordan and the Chicago bulls were flying after trampling mark of shame. In April 6, 1987, the young Jordan against the hawks in the regular season, he rampage, such as a place where there is no one to force, cut melon vegetable hand away 61 points. To commemorate the historic day, they launched a special tongue huge Jordan 1 Retro wide Air Phat Premier replica - 60+ Collection series. A black leather shoes with expensive to build, with a full grain and light wrinkled material embellishment, and fine to fine yellow car line fabric. In addition, the red shoelaces and chenille hooks are also very wonderful and worth a visit. The shoes are now on sale at Extra Butter, a well-known store, and your favorite friends must not miss it. Source: Battle shoes Wang NBA Eagle color, engraved Air Jordan 1 60+ all black shopping Air Jordan comments on : NBA, eagle, color, cut, Air, Jordan, 1, 60+, next: all black shopping, Air, Jordan classic charm still adidas Originals will classic SL Loop Runner shoes re engraved, to this pair of shoes born in 1972 to pay tribute to sports shoes. The new work has four color design, full mesh upper, with suede outline outline of the line, with streamlined white large bottom, so that the appearance of the shoes show the classic lines of beauty. Solebox Reebok together with the Gothic style. Patrick Mohr to create a joint shoes size? Size X PUMA series of cooperation again? In the summer of 2014 "Wilderness" series to do note comment a Gothic Solebox Reebok and Patrick Mohr. To create a branded shoes: size? Size X PUMA series of cooperation again? In the summer of 2014 "Wilderness" series to do noteAnd1 will be in the spring of next year is And1 Entourage basketball shoes launched a 'five elements' packages, purple, yellow, electric green, blue and red respectively represent the five elements in soil, gold, wood, water and fire, in addition to each And1 Entourage heels are printed on five phase line the elements of Chinese Chinese characters. 2012-10-15 08:58 upload and download attachments (141.36 KB) 2012-10-15 08:58 upload download attachment (184.48, KB) 2012-10-15 08:58 upload download attachment (182.4, KB) 2012-10-15 08:59 upload download attachment (145.38, KB) 2012-10-15 08:59 upload download attachment (139.34, KB) 2012-10-15 08:59 upload download attachment (135.25, KB) 2012-10-15 08:59 upload download attachment (160.91, KB) 2012-10-15 09:00 upload download attachment (150.83, KB) 2012-10-15 09:00 upload download attachment (134.3, KB) came to the latest 2012 fall winter season, and the brand Vans's feeder Vans LXVI sets out the latest Secant Low shoes with a Two-Tone hue setting. The shoes first half black suede material to build, the second part is on the threshold of olive green, and produced by Scotchgard 1200D ballistic with cloth made of nylon cloth, with a certain degree of water function while more wear: with UltraCush Lite technology, the shoe body weight, provide excellent comfort the highest degree; part of shoes eyes using D-Ring metal buckle, and Two-Tone shoes, strengthen outdoor fashion sense. Shoes are now on sale at the brand online store, priced at $80.