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I want to sell my condo – where do I start?

Once you have made the decision to sell, the first step is to find a professional Realtor® that specializes in the condominium market. A Realtor with experience and a track record of success in condo sales will confidently guide you through the sales process from listing to closing.

What should I expect of my agent?

Your agent will start by having a preliminary meeting with you to get a good understanding of what your goals and requirements are in selling your condo and also find out about any unique challenges your sale may present. At this time they will also undertake a careful inspection of your condo and building’s amenities.

A condo specialist will probably already be familiar with your buildings features and amenities. The inspection of your condo will allow your agent to conduct a comprehensive market analysis in order to assist you in creating a pricing strategy. The second thing your agent will do is provide you with a consultation on preparing your unit for sale so that it looks its best when the prospective buyers are viewing it.

Next your agent will create a customized marketing plan designed specifically to attract the correct buyers to your condo. Lastly, your agent will meet with you to review all of the information and answer any questions you may have before going on the market.

How long will it take my condo to sell?

This depends on many factors - the most significant being how the condo is priced. If it is priced higher than the market will bear, it could sit on the market and become “stagnant”.   Other factors that affect selling time are market conditions, time of year, local economic conditions, listing inventory and how it is being marketed.

What are the costs associated with selling my Condo?

The cost of selling your condo will vary. Some of the costs you can expect are: real estate fees, legal fees and moving costs. When hiring a Realtor to sell your condo there is a wide range of fees available to consumers. As with purchasing any other product or service however, the rule of thumb “you get what you pay for”, usually applies. The key is finding a Realtor that understands the market place, understands your needs and will work tirelessly until your condo is sold on terms you are happy with. This applies also to having a lawyer to act for you in closing the sale. Typically a legal fee for a sale is a little bit lower than for a purchase. For movers, the best approach would be to talk to friends or colleagues that have moved recently. We would be happy to provide you with some names of preferred Professionals... just ask!

When is the best time to put my Condo on the market?

Ottawa is a fairly transient city with people coming and going all of the time. There really is no “bad” time to put your condo on the market. We believe that once you are ready and your condo is ready, then we go “full speed ahead”. It is widely believed that  Spring is the best time to sell, as there are more buyers on the market. This is likely true, but there are probably more condos on the market competing with yours as well.

Once I list my condo, do I have to sell?

No. If your circumstances change and you no longer wish to sell, we will withdraw your listing provided that you have not entered into an Agreement of Purchase and Sale with a buyer.

I am inundated with mail and ads from “Condo Specialists”. Who do I choose?

Your comfort level with your Realtor should play a big role in who you hire to sell your Condo. Get to know the salesperson and their philosophy when it comes to selling homes. Bob and Travis take the “small team, big service” approach and would be happy to meet with you at your convenience.

Do strangers get to visit my condo whenever they feel like it?

No. We take your privacy and security very seriously. We recognize that even though your condo is our “product”, it is still your home. We will respect showing times and conditions that you decide will work best for you. You will personally give the OK to each and every viewing. We will also strive to pre screen every interested party to make sure they are qualified buyers.

When do I need to consult with my lawyer?

Seeking independent legal advice is a good idea any time you are conducting business where there are large sums of money involved. We will work with your lawyer to see the transaction through to closing. When your condo is "conditionally sold", we send all of the necessary documents to your lawyer on your behalf.

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