Sell Your Condo

Welcome to the Ottawa Condo Guide Condo Selling section. Here you will find a valuable collection of information on selling a condo in Ottawa. We hope you will find this section informative and helpful when selling your home or investment condo. In this section we will share with you, the process of selling your condo in step by step, easy to understand terms. We also discuss marketing, pricing strategy, timing, maximizing your return, and much more! Of course, you can feel free to contact Bob or Travis anytime if you require more specific information or would like to arrange an appointment. We will be sure to follow up with you as quickly as possible.

In this section we've covered topics to get you started including:

Simple Steps to Selling Your Condo

A brief overview of how to get started.

Why Sell with Bob & Travis?

The right agent really does make all the difference.

What are Condos in My Building Selling For?

Thinking of selling? Find out what's been selling in your building.

What is My Condo Worth?

Find out what your condo could sell for.


Have a question? Someone else probably does too.

The Condominium Act

Condominiums in Ontario are regulated by the Condominium Act.